Welcome to Silhouettes

Introduction to Silhouettes

Silhouettes is a non-profit female gymnastics club that was started in 1976.  Since that  time, our  team members have experienced many great successes at provincial  and regional level competitions.  Our coaches are continuing a long-term commitment that they began when they themselves were young gymnasts.

The club boasts an experienced coaching staff, some of whom have been here since 1976.  We are now in our EIGHTH GENERATION of coaches.

Our club continues to be an excellent environment  for girls to learn and to enjoy their experience in this sport.  We accomplish this through positive reinforcement, respect for fellow gymnasts and coaches, a positive social environment, and achievement of goals and gym safety.  Our objective is to have fun as coaches, athletes, and to create an atmosphere of “teamwork” amongst  coaches, gymnasts and parents.

We operate out of Ecole Templeton

1310 Templeton